That Summer He Died

That Summer He Died

Here’s the cover blurb for my stand alone coming-of-age thriller that Corsair will be publishing in Easter as an eBook (with free taster chapters on this site very soon):

On the surface, James Sawday’s life couldn’t be any better. Writing investigative pieces for a glossy men’s magazine, he gets to travel the world. And when he gets home, there’s Lucy: smart, funny, seems to love him. She could even be the one.

But when James’s editor sends him to the seaside town of Grancombe, to cover a murder – the third attack by a serial killer who specialises in chopping off his victims’ hands – James finds himself sucked back down into a world he’s tried all his adult life to forget.

Ten years before, during a hazy, drug-fuelled summer, James was one of a group of teenagers who stumbled on the mutilated corpse of local artist Jack Dawes. And then the second killing happened – the one that still gives James nightmares.

Now James has got to dig up everything he’s worked so hard to bury. And what he’s going to find out could cost him his sanity. And even his life.

And here are a few newspaper quotes to go with it:

The Times: “A complex, well-thought-out plot…and a chilling twist in the end.”

Daily Mirror: “Anyone who enjoyed Alex Garland’s THE BEACH should get a kick out of this excellent modern thriller.”

Ipswich Chronicle: “This dark, twisted tale of secrets and lies leaves you tearing though the pages desperate to fine out what happens next.”

Cover coming soon…

As well as a link to the book itself…

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