Reviews in for Wanted:

“Shankin is a great main character – he has a good side keeping him from being a cold-blooded killer, but a keen sense of survival means he is willing to break the law and kill those that threaten him. The plot takes Shanklin across the world and introduces a number of other characters. Whilst sometimes a large number of characters and names can confuse and results with the plot becoming diluted, Rees manages to keep on track and gives each character a reason for their existence. Each page holds its own story and keeps the pace going from strength to strength. And just when you think it’s all over, there is another twist. My only criticism? The book is left on a cliff hanger meaning I will have to wait to see how Shanklin gets himself out of ” – Crime Squad.

“Danny Shanklin is on the run, following a terrorist atrocity, which he was framed for. From the very beginning you go in at full pelt with more than one thread to follow. Danny has to follow the threat of a deadly virus falling into the wrong hands. In addition to this a ruthless and evil killer who goes by the name The Director is also chasing Danny. I absolutely loved Danny’s sidekick named Spartak and thought he added to the story in a big way. The other really great thing about this book is that it keeps you thinking about the next turn and there are plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing. I finished this book in a day and a half and it has that high octane kind of energy about it. I think that with the addition of more books in this series they can only get better. It really was an enjoyable book and certainly one for fans of the Simon Kernick kind of books, so definitely recommended.” – Best Crime Books.

Here’s some of the great reviews we’ve had in so far for Hunted:

Pre-order HUNTED by Emlyn Rees for the KindleHunted gives new meaning to the phrase “fast-paced.” Filled with clever twists, stylishly written and populated with characters who are as real as our friends and family (and enemies!), this thriller moves at breakneck pace from first page to last. Bravo!” — Jeffery Deaver, award-winning, international bestselling thriller writer.

“Fast and furious from the very start, Hunted is a shot of pure adrenalin.” — Sam Bourne, international bestselling thriller writer.

‘A furiously fast-paced international thriller.’ — The Mirror.

“Action packed debut for the man who has dumped chick lit for guns. Hang on to your hats – ‘Hunted’ is a very thrilling and bumpy ride!” — Crime Squad Top 10 Books of 2011.

‘Emlyn Rees has produced a novel that will have you holding your breath throughout — possibly to the detriment of your health. This is the powerful opening to a truly kinetic piece of crime/thriller fiction, in which the stakes are always of the highest.’ — Good Book Guide.

“With its twists and turns, dramatic and fast paced writing and likeable characters it is extremely hard to put down and will leave many fans of the genre wanting more when they turn the last page.” — Jason R. Vowels The Novel Reviewer.

‘This is the literary equivalent of getting in a dragster, stripping it down some more, putting rocket fuel in the tank and pressing the starter – in a race where your life depends on winning. Thrills, spills, chicanery, and breathless action from start to finish. An espionage thriller that really is a thriller. I loved it.’ — John Lewis-Stempel, author of Six Weeks.

“Breakneck pace, thrills and a smidgeon of bone-crushing violence. Great stuff.” — Mike Thomas, author of Pocket Notebook.

‘Just finished reading Hunted – wow! The pace was so fast I feel exhausted – brilliant. I just couldn’t put it down!’ — Louise Voss, bestselling author of Catch Your Death.

Hunted is one of those rare books that define pace and keeps you turning the pages in breathless fashion. Hunted reads like Simon Kernick and Jeff Abbott have joined forces to write an action-packed, pedal to the metal, tour de force. I loved it!” — Matt Hilton, bestselling author of the Joe Hunter novels, writing in Shots Crime & Thriller Ezine.

“Most thrilling, unputdownable book of 2011 – Hunted by Emlyn Rees.  Requires easily obtainable oxygen for long calming breaths.” — ItsACrimeUK.

Hunted is a full-on modern thriller whose fast-paced momentum delivers on every single page. Once the action starts it just doesn’t let up. The cinematic scope to the action scenes married together with a gripping narrative kept me thoroughly entertained. The best part? Based on the outcome of events in the final chapters I have a sneaking suspicion this won’t be the last time we see Danny Shanklin.” — The Eloquent Page.

“The story doesn’t let its foot off the pedal until the very end…a new Kernick in the making.” — BestCrimeBooks.

Hunted is clearly the first in a series. Fans of action-packed adventure should get in on the ground floor.” — Euro Crime.

“A well written thriller, with excellent characterisation and action scenes, Hunted defines the term page-turning, as you’ll race along the story in order to get to the end.” — Guilty Conscience.

“Reading Hunted and can’t put it down. Because it’s good, not because I was using glue beforehand.” — bestselling author, Matt Dunn.

“If you are looking for an action-packed tale of evasion, espionage, gadgets and high personal stakes, this is a good book for you. It is well written and delivers the goods in a way less formulaic than many in the genre. There are many turns of fortune, betrayals, plots, schemes and chases. The pace is rapid and the action does not slow.” — Crime Fiction Lover.

“If you’re looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure, believable characters and a few jaw dropping moments then look no further than Hunted by Emlyn Rees. Danny Shanklin is about to set the world on fire, the only question remains – can anyone stop him? One of my choice books of 2011.” — Milo’s Rambles.

“There’s nothing like a decent thriller to grab you by the scruff of the neck and not let you go until the final page has been read.  Hunted is just that sort of book: a pacey, chase thriller full of modern technology and the paranoia of the espionage world.Rees delivers a powered, adrenaline-fuelled thriller in the traditions of the best north American thriller writers with no letting up and no letting go. Hunted packs a big punch and is not to be missed if you love a well-written chase thriller.” — ItsACrimeUK.

Hunted is an excellent read and I am wondering why this author hasn’t turned his hand to this genre before now – he obviously has a natural talent for suspense and action. For sure Rees will be on my list of must reads from now on.” — Crime Squad.


And here’s some of the great reviews we’ve had in so far for That Summer He Died:

“A complex, well-thought-out plot…and a chilling twist in the end.” — The Times

“Anyone who enjoyed Alex Garland’s The Beach should get a kick…an excellent modern thriller.” — Daily Mirror

“Emotive and powerful, for me the question at the heart of this story is ‘what happens when a good person does bad things?’ Rees masterfully teases and hints at the horrors of the past, revealing the truth piece by piece and the tension mounts as James’ paranoia and fear escalates. High suspense and high stakes, this story reminds you that no matter how picturesque the setting, bad things can and do happen. Rapid paced and chillingly mysterious, this is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers.” —

“As with any good crime novel it keeps you guessing until the end. However, there are juicy secrets that are dropped open throughout so you never have a chance to get bored by the build up. The story reads vividly due to the excellent characterisation, individual character voice identity and descriptive location setting. If you guess the entire ending before it is revealed I would be very surprised, it’s clever and not something I saw coming.” —

“This dark, twisted tale of secrets and lies leaves you tearing though the pages desperate to fine out what happens next.” — Ipswich Chronicle

11 Responses to Reviews

  1. warwick holding says:

    Brilliant, I never thought I would enjoy a thriller as much as this.
    I could not put it down, and I was gutted when it finished.
    Please hurry with the sequel Em and I promise you free skinny Lattes forever at the Bucket Beach Cafe!!

  2. Harry says:

    Read it in German. Emlyn Ress “Hunted” is here Sean Creed “Gehetzt”. and it is fast and furious. Can’t wait part two.

  3. michael says:

    when is the hunted coming out in U.S.A

  4. Xyanne says:

    Read the book hunted within in one day, an amazing fast paced book.. Truly had me captivated, anxiously awaiting the sequel. Any updates as to when that might be released?

    • Emlyn Rees says:

      Hi there, Thanks for this. Glad you were captivated – that’s how I felt when I was writing it too. Have just finished the sequel. Not sure on title yet. Have been busy working on the film script too. I’ll post updates on here as soon as I know more. Good to be in touch. Very best, Emlyn

    • Emlyn Rees says:

      Feb 2014 is the UK pub date. A novella prequel ‘Hostage’ is out now with Quick Reads.

      • Warwick says:

        A long wait for ‘Wanted’ but was the wait worth while ?
        Absolutely, you had me hooked again from page 1 .
        Brilliantly written, edge of my seat quality, with great twists I did not expect.
        I loved it !

  5. Sean peters says:

    Okay firstly let me say.. “Hunted” the perfect title for the first Danny Shanklin book, a great fast paced action thriller. “Wanted” is the perfect title for the second book, an even faster paced more gripping, rollercoaster of a ride.

    Also, Emlyn…. “I want number 3”.

    Fast and furious from the very start, Wanted is a shot of pure adrenalin, with its twists and turns, dramatic and fast paced writing and great characters it is extremely hard to put down and will leave many fans of the genre wanting more when they turn the last page, I know I want more !

    Danny Shanklin is still on the run, following a terrorist atrocity, which he was framed for, from the very beginning you go are back on the rollercoaster ride with more than one story to follow, which makes this book even more exciting and gripping.

    Danny has to follow the threat of a deadly virus falling into the wrong hands and at the same time try to capture the people responsible for the terrorist events but also try to keep them alive to prove his innocence.

    I enjoyed the character of Danny’s sidekick named Spartak and thought he added to the story in a big way. The other really great thing about this book is that it keeps you thinking about the next turn and there are plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing especially as new characters enter the story, with the returning nasty villains, great new characters in Ray Kincade and Ruth.

    Now I know why I love reading, and Emlyn has shot to the list of favourite authors alongside other British favourites Simon Kernick , Tom Wood, Chris Ryan, Mark Dawson and also great American authors David Baldacci, Victor Methos, and Mark Greaney and the late great Vince Flynn.

    A clear five star book from me.

    Hope Emlyn will join “A Good Thriller ” for a Q & A in the future

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