US paperback copies of Wanted now on sale…

Wanted US paperback

Danny Shanklin is the world’s most wanted man.

Hunted by nine international intelligence agencies for a terrorist atrocity he did not commit, he’s now trapped in a deadly race against the clock to protect his life, his family, and the world from the people responsible—people intent on true destruction. For though they framed him, these terrorists are really after a much bigger target: six lethal smallpox formulations, any one of which could trigger a global pandemic, leaving only one in three people alive.

With the help of a Ukrainian mercenary and a ruthless female assassin, Danny soon finds himself forced into the roles of both predator and prey—as he tries desperately to win the fight of his life.

About Emlyn Rees

Copywriter, crime writer, comedy writer and editor. We're Going on a Bar Hunt, The Very Hungover Caterpillar, The Teenager Who Came to Tea, The Fight Before Christmas, Come Together, Shabby, Hunted, Wanted, Switch It Off! and Shabby - A Very British Lifestyle, out now.
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4 Responses to US paperback copies of Wanted now on sale…

  1. Kenny Shewan says:

    Ive just finished reading Wanted and really enjoyed it . Ive loved the story of Danny Shanklin but would like to know what and when the next book is called and released as I cant wait to find out if he gets his revenge and that lexie is safe

  2. Emlyn Rees says:

    Am writing the next one at the moment. Haven’t got a title yet and have rather worked my way into a cul-de-sac, I fear, using -ed in the first two. Hunted is growing closer to getting made into a film as well. I’ve seen the script and it’s great. Thanks for getting in touch. Best, Emlyn

    • David Pyman says:

      What a great story, got to the last few pages wondering how Danny was going to catch up with PSS , then you left me hanging!
      Don’t worry I forgive you, can’t wait for the story to continue in the next book, meanwhile am be looking forward the reading “Hunted”
      Regards David

      • Emlyn Rees says:

        Hi David, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the ending (but I do like a cliffhanger) and at least the one in Hunted will be resolved in your mind a lot faster! Best wishes, Emlyn

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