OI! GET YOUR KICKS DOWN THE FLICKS – Dark & Stormy crime films here in Brighton this May!

Ooh! Ah! Gee-zah!


A dirty great monster of a rumour has been circulating that tickets for our three butt-kickingly cool crime film capers have now sold out.

This is right load of pony, a bloomin’ travesty, in fact.

The truth of the matter is that we DID sell out, but now those lovely geezers over at Picturehouse Cinemas have moved ‘Layer Cake’, ‘Brighton Rock’ and ‘Down Terrace’ onto bigger screens.


Meaning tickets are now available once more to buy for:

‘Layer Cake’ – introduced by its writer, JJ Connolly and served with complementary tea and cake. Friday 23 May, 6.30.

‘Down Terrace’ – a homegrown Brighton classic, introduced by its director, the talented Mr Ben Wheatley. Saturday 24 May, 6.30.

‘Brighton Rock’ – yeah, the original, innit? Introduced by film critic and all round criminal genius, Barry Forshaw. Sunday 25 May, 2.00


So get your bloody skates on down to the website for Dukes at Komedia – Brighton’s coolest indie cinema – and get yours while it’s hot!



About Emlyn Rees

Copywriter, crime writer, comedy writer and editor. We're Going on a Bar Hunt, The Very Hungover Caterpillar, The Teenager Who Came to Tea, The Fight Before Christmas, Come Together, Shabby, Hunted, Wanted, Switch It Off! and Shabby - A Very British Lifestyle, out now.
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