That Summer He Died

That Summer He Died now

That Summer He Died is available to buy here as an eBook now…

“A complex, well-thought-out plot…and a chilling twist in the end.” The Times

On the surface, James Sawday’s life couldn’t be any better. Writing investigative pieces for a glossy men’s magazine, he gets to travel the world. And when he gets home, there’s Lucy: smart, funny, seems to love him. She could even be the one.

But when James’s editor sends him to the seaside town of Grancombe, to cover a murder – the third attack by a serial killer who specialises in chopping off his victims’ hands – James finds himself sucked back down into a world he’s tried all his adult life to forget.

Ten years before, during a hazy, drug-fuelled summer, James was one of a group of teenagers who stumbled on the mutilated corpse of local artist Jack Dawes. And then the second killing happened – the one that still gives James nightmares.

Now James has got to dig up everything he’s worked so hard to bury. And what he’s going to find out could cost him his sanity. And even his life.

More Reviews

“Anyone who enjoyed Alex Garland’s The Beach should get a kick…an excellent modern thriller.” Daily Mirror

“Emotive and powerful, for me the question at the heart of this story is ‘what happens when a good person does bad things?’ Rees masterfully teases and hints at the horrors of the past, revealing the truth piece by piece and the tension mounts as James’ paranoia and fear escalates. High suspense and high stakes, this story reminds you that no matter how picturesque the setting, bad things can and do happen. Rapid paced and chillingly mysterious, this is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers.”

“As with any good crime novel it keeps you guessing until the end. However, there are juicy secrets that are dropped open throughout so you never have a chance to get bored by the build up. The story reads vividly due to the excellent characterisation, individual character voice identity and descriptive location setting. If you guess the entire ending before it is revealed I would be very surprised, it’s clever and not something I saw coming.”

“This dark, twisted tale of secrets and lies leaves you tearing though the pages desperate to fine out what happens next.” Ipswich Chronicle


11 Responses to That Summer He Died

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Emlyn
    Came upon your book Hunted the other day, it sounded as if it was a good read? Started it and from there on I was hooked! Unable to put it down. I have read all the James Patterson and Lee Childes books and you are up there with these authors. Keep the good work up and I look forward for you to give us Wanted, hopefully soon?

    All my best wishes. Ken House

  2. BG says:

    What comes next after WANTED.
    Will That Summer He Died be released In book for

    • Emlyn Rees says:

      Hi, I’m working on a follow up at the moment. That Summer was originally released as Undertow by Headline in the UK> I then reworked it (updated it fully and rewrote quite a bit). Thanks for asking. Best, Emlyn

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Hello Emlyn,

    I have written a script version of the original ‘Undertow’, completely without your authorisation, but it did give me something to write whilst I was at rehab in Middlesbrough.
    I envisioned the action taking place in Saltburn … … anyway, that has gone to independent filmmaker and Green party candidate for Scarborough, David Malone, and I await his reply because he said that he was interested in reading it through some time.
    As for the script, it’s just a reduction from all the dialogue, and my own little slant on things. It would be great if you could cast your eye on it sometime, I will write back with an online shared file.
    I’ll have to read ‘That Summer He Died’ soon. So will James, So will I.

    -Paul Wilson (aged 31, Scarborough, North Yorkshire)

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