About Emlyn

Emlyn Rees is a fiction and non-fiction author, editor, and copywriter.

He spent his early twenties traveling around Asia and pouring drinks in London for the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Princess Anne, before joining the Curtis Brown literary agency and having his first crime novel published aged twenty-five, his second a year later, and then co-writing seven comedies with Josie Lloyd, including the Number One Sunday Times bestseller Come Together.

Emlyn’s race-against-the-clock thriller, Hunted, is published by Little, Brown in the UK and HarperCollins in the US. The sequel, Wanted, is published the UK by Little, Brown and in the US by HarperCollins.

Emlyn lives in Brighton with his wife Joanna Rees, who also writes under the name Josie Lloyd. We’re Going on a Bar HuntThe Very Hungover Caterpillar & The Teenager Who Came to Tea, Twas The Fight Before Christmas, and The Joy of Socks, parodies written by Emlyn and Josie, and illustrated by the brilliant Gillian Johnson, are out now, published by Little, Brown.

Their first non-fiction book, Switch It Off!, is also published by Little, Brown, is the fist ever “paper smartphone”, and is the same size and shape as a real phone, but packed full of offline activities, and – of course! – “with a battery life as long as your imagination”.

Their second non-fiction title, Shabby, The Jolly Good British Guide to Stress-free Living is out in hardback from Little, Brown now.

You can find him on Twitter @EmlynReesWriter.

11 Responses to About Emlyn

  1. Paula says:

    Just read Love Lives… Great read.. Thank you, both of you…. Will be looking out for more…xx (duh…)

  2. warwick holding says:

    Hi Emlyn

    check out the
    Henchmans Book Club by Danny King on Kindle
    its right up your strata


  3. Hi Emlyn,
    Long time, no see! It’s Niels. I used to work at your Dutch publisher Arbeiderspers/Achipel. Long time ago we’ve hit the bars in Amsterdam. We drank Beerenburg together, but I doubt that you’ll remember that 😉 I read about your new book on the internet. I thought it might be fun to get in touch. Everything ok here. How are you and Josie? Wil you be visiting Amsterdam for some promotion for the new book? I’d love to have a beer with you again some time. Last time was in Londen if I’m correct. You bought us dinner! I’m going to read ‘Opgejaagd’ somewhere in the next few weeks, and I’ll let you know about the translation if you like. Good luck with the book and give my love to Josie.
    See Ya,

    • sue young says:

      Hi Emlyn We have a library customer enquiring about the 2nd title in the Danny Shanklin series ” Wanted ” when is it due out ? West Sussex Library Service

      • Emlyn Rees says:

        Hi Sue, It’s out in Jan 2014 – I know, a little late! A Quick Reads ‘short’ called Hostage, featuring Danny Shanklin, is out right now though!

      • Emlyn Rees says:

        Did I get back on this? It’s out in Feb. Meanwhile, though, Quick Reads have just done a prequel short novella called ‘Hostage’. Thanks and sorry for the late reply.

  4. Nick Wenham says:

    Just finished ‘Hunted’ and thoroughly enjoyed it BUT its not really a standalone novel I feel. The book shows they escape but then so do the bad guys. To finish the story you have to read the next’episode’ which will be 2/3 years later. What a shame as if I’d known this was part one I’d not have read it but it is well written and I shall try any further ‘standalone’ novels you produce. Sorry to express my negative feedback but most novels I read I like to feel have an end…..not wait a few years for episode two to appear.

    • Emlyn Rees says:

      Thanks for the feedback Nick. Sometimes books don’t get written as fast as you’d like. Such is life. Will sneak you an early copy of it when it’s out if you give me a nudge nearer the time.

  5. Nick wenham says:

    Great, thanks for your reply. I shall certainly look forward to your next ‘instalment with baited breath! Seriously I really am. Looking forward too to a sneak preview as well.
    Regards Nick

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