Guess Who’s In Need of a Digital Detox?

From Monday September 25th, I will be digitally detoxing, meaning I’ll be offline through until the publication of Switch It Off! – our paper smartphone, that’s actually an activity book shaped like a phone.

Maybe it’s something you might like to try yourself.

You can check out what the book’s about here.

Or you can visit, the online community for offline activities & fun, which  has plenty of crafts, adventures, games, gifts & fun to help you hang out more with your family & friends.

Day without smartphone

About Emlyn Rees

Copywriter, crime writer, comedy writer and editor. We're Going on a Bar Hunt, The Very Hungover Caterpillar, The Teenager Who Came to Tea, The Fight Before Christmas, Come Together, Shabby, Hunted, Wanted, Switch It Off! and Shabby - A Very British Lifestyle, out now.
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