My Day at Get Writing 2014 by Morgen Bailey

Want to know what happens at a writing convention? Here you go. Via Morgen Bailey on WordPress.

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Get Writing badge I went to the annual Get Writing conference, hosted by Verulam Writers Circle – my fifth time – last Saturday so I thought I’d share the day with you.

After a minor diversion (to drop off my dog), I arrived at the University of Herfordshire’s campus just in time to grab a cup of (fruit) tea before going into the main hall for the first of a series of talks. I’d been on workshops in previous years and now that I teach, I decided to have a day off. Not that I still wouldn’t learn something, we all do, but I enjoyed staying in one place this time.

After introductions by VWC leads Dave Weaver and John Spencer, Ian Skillicorn talked about National Short Story Week and the reason behind it; to get people writing and reading short stories. He started NSSW as he was doing short story radio and wanted to…

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1 Response to My Day at Get Writing 2014 by Morgen Bailey

  1. morgenbailey says:

    Thank you very much, Emlyn. Glad you liked it. It was great to meet you after our Twitter conflabs.

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